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Trends Driving eDiscovery to the Cloud

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Countless solutions are moving to the cloud, especially since the pandemic forced so many into remote and hybrid working arrangements. But how have those trends impacted eDiscovery? Is it moving to the cloud as well? If so, what are the developments influencing that shift?

5 Things to Do EARLY to Reduce Your eDiscovery (or Expert) Costs by Half

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Cost is the driving factor behind so many eDiscovery decisions, and quite often, we reactively review matters to see where costs could have been saved. What can you actually do to reduce it? Are there steps to take in the early stages of a case?

ACEDS eDiscovery Leaders Live Interview

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Gavin Manes, CEO of Avansic, joins George Socha, Senior VP of Brand Awareness at Reveal, for ACEDS - eDiscovery Leaders Live, a series of live interviews with eDiscovery leaders.

Gavin focused on two topics for the discussion:

Reinventing Professionals Interview - Approaching Self-Service eDiscovery

How Legal Teams are Approaching Self-Service eDiscovery

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Ari Kaplan spoke with Dr. Gavin Manes, founder and CEO of Avansic, a provider of eDiscovery and digital forensics services, about the primary activities and technologies incorporated into eDiscovery projects, where litigants are facing the most challenging eDiscovery issues, how legal teams are approaching self-service eDiscovery, and the role of forensics in modern discovery.

eDiscovery Bootcamp: Search is Not Obsolete - Understanding Workflow Search Principles

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A clear understanding of search concepts and fundamentals remains a cornerstone of eDiscovery, as we covered in part 1 of this webinar series. This webinar illustrates the application of search technology in eDiscovery project workflows to win cases.

eDiscovery Bootcamp: Win Your Case With 8 Simple Search Steps

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Even with advanced analytical technologies available, search is still a critical activity for successful eDiscovery. In this two-part webinar series on search, the first will be about the principles and fundamentals of search technologies, from basic to advanced. The second webinar illustrates the application of search technology in workflows to win cases.

DIY Search and Intro to Analytics

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Ever worried about combining different types of searches? Never fear, this is available to the DIY user and we walk you through how to do them without fear of poor results. We present a practical discussion on search syntax and what operators shouldn't be combined. We also review the available analytic options and discuss where DIY users may need a little help.

The presenter for this event is Dr. Gavin W Manes.

DIY Loading: Native, Structured, and Produced Data the EASY Way

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This 30-minute presentation discusses the ins and outs of how to load data to review platforms by yourself. We cover the risks, limitations and ideal formats of which data will load easily, as well as offer practical tips on how to load native files so that their metadata is not altered. In addition, we engage in a detailed discussion of load file formats and quick fixes that may be necessary for DIY loading.

eDiscovery and Document Review 101

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Whether you are new to eDiscovery or have experience and want to see a new workflow, these tips will leave you with a new idea for how to handle your next project. Avansic presents the basics of each stage of eDiscovery - planning, preservation, processing, review, and production - and leaves you with a better understanding of a complex process.

The presenter for this event is Dr. Gavin W Manes.