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Gavin Manes, CEO of Avansic, joins George Socha, Senior VP of Brand Awareness at Reveal, for ACEDS - eDiscovery Leaders Live, a series of live interviews with eDiscovery leaders.

Gavin focused on two topics for the discussion:

On the former, he talked about the differences between collecting data from iPhones and Android devices, what data you should expect to be able to collect from the device itself as opposed to from the cloud, and some of the challenges of working with data collected from the phones. He reiterated what we’ve heard so many times before, that there is no easy button for eDiscovery, and offered thoughts on where the industry is headed.

Gavin then described Avansic’s new eDiscovery Services Assessment, designed to help anyone working on eDiscovery determine if they are using the best approach for their situation, regardless of platform. He then shared his hopes for what the Assessment will accomplish and where it will head. Finally, Gavin gave us tips on how to save money in eDiscovery.

Highlights from the Interview

  • [3:04] Impacts of the pandemic on data collection.
  • [4:52] Collecting iPhone data.
  • [5:59] What you don’t get with an iCloud backup – email, possibly deleted data, maybe messages.
  • [8:58] Collecting data from Android devices.
  • [10:10] The many different backup systems for Android devices.
  • [11:59] The challenge of the bubble format.
  • [13:54] No easy button.
  • [16:16] A shift to self-serve eDiscovery brought on by the pandemic.
  • [19:57] Next evolutions in eDiscovery.
  • [22:11] Avansic’s new eDiscovery Services Assessment – what it is.
  • [23:58] The reaction to it.
  • [25:11] Where the Assessment might head.
  • [26:54] How to save money in eDiscovery.

Key Quotes

  • “After years of practicing that remote style collection for the iPhone, there’s very little difference you get between the backup versus the local extraction, just because of the way the data is stored on the device.”
  • “Apple is one phone, one voice…. Android is the exact opposite. There’s thousands of variants of the operating system and hundreds if not thousands of variants of the hardware.”
  • “You sprinkle all the other collab apps…, Slack and WeChat and blah, blah, blah, and now you’ve blown open Pandora’s box again.”
  • “How do you save money in eDiscovery? The answer is, preparation, preparation, preparation…. The sooner you call me, the less money I’m going to make.”