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Digital Forensics Saves the Day – Top Cases in Review

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A digital forensics investigation can make an impactful difference in an otherwise “routine” eDiscovery document review. In this webinar we’ll look back at top cases where forensics went beyond general eDiscovery practices to shine a light on advanced, hard-to-find, or less obvious case-related information.

Cool Things Digital Forensics Can Do: Applications in Civil Litigation

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This presentation will cover some of the capabilities of digital forensics - how forensics can authenticate documents and track user activity, what can be found in carved, deleted, and orphaned data, and document review. Dr. Manes will also discuss social media preservation and cloud security issues.

The presenter for this event is Dr. Gavin W Manes.

Challenging the Authenticity of Digital Evidence

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Dr. Gavin Manes, Avansic’s CEO, along with Joel Sallee (Lead Forensics Investigator and Laboratory Manager) will be presenting on the authentication of digital evidence. It will include a discussion of image, email, and text authenticity. The presenters will discuss several real-world case studies from Avansic's experience. This course is offered for one hour of CLE credit from the Oklahoma Bar Association.

Digital Forensics In-Depth Webinar

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This presentation will provide a look at digital forensics capabilities in-depth, with perspectives from several of Avansic’s experts. It will begin with an overview of the types of devices that can be collected (including cell phones) and the types of devices we recommend collecting during an investigation. The presenters will then discuss metadata and clear up confusion regarding created, modified and accessed dates. Data carving will be defined and examples given of what can be...

eDiscovery Approaches Plaintiff vs. Defense

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In this webinar, we will be discussing the various strategies of reviewing your documents vs. someone else's production. Traditionally, this is plaintiff vs. defense, but in eDiscovery even a corporate defendant may received a significant amount of data from a third party. the presenter will discuss How to get through that data in a cost effective and timely manner and what pitfalls can occur when received data from other parties. In addition, digital forensics techniques and...