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DIY Search and Intro to Analytics

09-29-2021 - Avansic Webinar

1:30-2:00 CT | Register Now

Ever worried about combining different types of searches? Never fear, this is available to the DIY user and we will walk you through how to do them without fear of poor results. We will present a practical discussion on search syntax and what operators shouldn't be combined. We will also review the available analytic options and discuss where DIY users may need a little help.

The presenter for this event is Dr. Gavin W Manes.

Please note that this webinar is not offered for CLE credit.

DIY Production and Production Request Formats

10-13-2021 - Avansic Webinar

1:30-2:00 CT | Register Now

Requesting, receiving, and loading productions should be DIY but is often derailed by the requested or received format. We can help by presenting the ins and outs of production specifications that are needed. This presentation will also include easy and practical tips on how to fix productions that don't meet the specifications, and how to re-request the production if necessary. Finally, we will discuss ahead-of-time enhancements that...

Alternate eDiscovery Pricing

10-27-2021 - Avansic Webinar

1:30-2:00 CT | Registration info coming soon

Traditional eDiscovery pricing includes items like GB in or out, users, per-month GB charges, and hourly rates for assistance. Some companies choose a flat fee approach to projects regardless of size. In this webinar we will discuss the various pricing models that exist in the market, what type of cases benefit from the various models, and where flat pricing fits in the future of litigation support.


Please note that...