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ACEDS eDiscovery Leaders Live Interview

09-23-2022 - eDiscovery Leaders Live

10:00 AM CT | Join on LinkedIn

Gavin Manes, CEO of Avansic, joins George Socha, Senior VP of Brand Awareness at Reveal, for ACEDS eDiscovery Leaders Live, a series of live interviews with eDiscovery leaders.

Please join us, here are links to attend the session and ask questions:

5 Things to Do EARLY to Reduce Your eDiscovery (or Expert) Costs by Half

09-28-2022 - ACEDS Webinar

10:00 AM CT | Register Now

Cost is the driving factor behind so many eDiscovery decisions, and quite often, we reactively review matters to see where costs could have been saved. What can you actually do to reduce it? Are there steps to take in the early stages of a case?

Identifying and Challenging Fabricated Evidence - Georgetown Advanced eDiscovery Institute

11-18-2022 - Georgetown Advanced eDiscovery Institute

8:45 AM ET | Event Information

Digital tools have made it easy for individuals to fabricate and alter digital evidence. Forensic experts and skilled trial attorneys will discuss how to spot suspicious electronic evidence; techniques for demonstrating evidence alteration or fabrication; and how to leverage metadata to authenticate ESI.