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Countless solutions are moving to the cloud, especially since the pandemic forced so many into remote and hybrid working arrangements. But how have those trends impacted eDiscovery? Is it moving to the cloud as well? If so, what are the developments influencing that shift?

This webinar discusses the trends driving eDiscovery’s move to the cloud and how the increased variety of use cases makes a cloud-based eDiscovery solution a smart bet for any organization today. Topics include:

  • Trends toward increased cloud-based workplace solutions
  • Remote and hybrid workforces accelerating cloud adoption
  • Pitfalls of Using non-eDiscovery solutions for eDiscovery specific tasks
  • The importance of integration with enterprise solutions
  • Variety of eDiscovery use cases for organizations today

Doug Austin - Founder, eDiscovery Today
Jack Petracek - Lawgical Choice Manager, Armstrong Teasdale
Gavin W. Manes, Ph.D. - CEO, Avansic