Your eDiscovery Pricing, Approach, and Workflow are Great– or are They?

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With customers wanting to reduce both the initial and monthly cost of eDiscovery, many platforms have pivoted to provide more functionality by end users accessing a platform using a browser.

Historically, when end users performed tasks like loading data, running analytics, or building a production, they had to ask other professionals or vendors to perform these functions. Or if they did it themselves, they had to use a desktop application, sometimes accessed through a remote connection.

The presenters discuss how end clients are pushing back on historical eDiscovery costs and billing models and how eDiscovery pricing by software and hosting providers has shifted based on this demand. Examples include shifting away from monthly gigabyte hosting to fixed-cost contracts and eliminating middleman services, so you are buying eDiscovery services directly from the hosting or software provider, similar to a SaaS or cloud offering compared to a Value-Added Reseller. Using the ACEDS checklists, the panel also discusses the benefits and risks of legal professionals performing their own DIY-style eDiscovery, specifically the advantages of performing or loading productions and the concerns of handling your own processing of raw native data.


Esther Birnbaum - Associate General Counsel, Interactive Brokers
Gavin W. Manes, Ph.D. - CEO, Avansic
Ian Campbell - Founder, iCONECT