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Both Sides of the Coin - Employment Separation from Both Perspectives

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Employee separation commonly involves investigations, litigation, and eDiscovery. Cases can rely heavily on electronic evidence, so Dr. Gavin W. Manes of Avansic and Craig Ball of Ball in Your Court discussed what that looks like both from the employer and from the employee side. They spoke about the initial stages of investigations, preservation of data, location of data sources, and the review of that data for information relevant to the case.

Avoiding the Failure to Communicate - and eDiscovery Disaster

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Along with Doug Austin of eDiscovery Today, we discussed some recent eDiscovery disasters caused by a failure to communicate effectively and best practices for avoiding those communication breakdowns.

Topics included:

  • Communication Failures in Recent eDiscovery Disasters 
  • Common Examples of eDiscovery Communication Failures 
  • The 5 C’s of Effective Communication 
  • Adopting a “Belt and Suspenders” Approach to Communication 
  • Getting a “Clue” About Your Stakeholders
  • Listening: The Bass...

Your eDiscovery Pricing, Approach, and Workflow are Great– or are They?

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With customers wanting to reduce both the initial and monthly cost of eDiscovery, many platforms have pivoted to provide more functionality by end users accessing a platform using a browser.

Considerations for Outsourcing eDiscovery & Cybersecurity

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To paraphrase Ringo Starr (and Joe Cocker), we all get by with a little help from our friends. For the various eDiscovery and cybersecurity challenges we face today, those “friends” may be the outsource providers that enable your organization to effectively address those challenges.

Don’t Mishandle or Miss Out on Key Forensic Data

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The increase in remote work changed the legal industry and how clients interact with vendors and their data. A significant amount of information has been moved from on-premises locations to private data centers in the cloud.

Change is Necessary to Stay Productive and Thrive

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Even with eDiscovery as a distinct service that's been around for less than twenty years, change is constant. With the amount of data generated, collected, and analyzed, more powerful tools and more efficient workflows remain necessary now and going forward to handle your eDiscovery projects effectively.

5 Things to Do EARLY to Reduce Your eDiscovery (or Expert) Costs by Half

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Cost is the driving factor behind so many eDiscovery decisions, and quite often, we reactively review matters to see where costs could have been saved. What can you actually do to reduce it? Are there steps to take in the early stages of a case?