5 Things to Do EARLY to Reduce Your eDiscovery (or Expert) Costs by Half

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Cost is the driving factor behind so many eDiscovery decisions, and quite often, we reactively review matters to see where costs could have been saved. What can you actually do to reduce it? Are there steps to take in the early stages of a case?

This webinar discusses the importance of preparing your clients for eDiscovery matters in advance, consulting with experts before discovery is closed, and issues specific to social media that may increase costs if not identified. It also covers the cost benefit of project management and the importance of inbound production protocols.

Viewers will come away with practical solutions to reduce eDiscovery costs and streamline workflows.


Kassi Burns - Senior Attorney, King & Spalding
Julie Brown, CEDS - Director of Practice Technology, Vorys
Gavin W. Manes, Ph.D. - CEO, Avansic