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eDiscovery Bootcamp: How Artificial Intelligence Can Change Your eDiscovery Life

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In a recent UF Law Conference eDiscovery survey, 65% of respondents said they use artificial intelligence (AI) as part of their workflow. We are all exposed to AI every day - most of the time without even knowing it, and this is true in eDiscovery as well.

Join us as Ian Campbell of iCONECT and Dr. Gavin Manes of Avansic discuss how the adoption of specific AI techniques can accelerate your eDiscovery workflow. From common tasks such as textual analytics for detecting near dupes and...

5 Reasons Why Your eDiscovery Process Should Integrate Forensics Methods - ACEDS Webinar

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eDiscovery and forensics share the goal of locating digital evidence to support the facts of an investigation or discovery. While eDiscovery is content-based, forensics is more dependent on context. However, there are forensic techniques you can integrate into everyday eDiscovery processing to improve efficiency and accuracy.

eDiscovery Bootcamp: 4 Ways to Amplify Your Ideal eDiscovery Workflow

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In this webinar, Ian Campbell of iCONECT and Dr. Gavin Manes of Avansic show four ways to use humans, tools, and data to achieve eDiscovery success. Detailed techniques to use during project origination, how to request and load data from your clients, and how to modernize production requests from other parties. Learn how to use your documents most effectively to prepare for depositions and motion practice, including specific goals of each step and how standards and automation can...

First Look at AvansicNOW - Your eDiscovery Solution

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Litigation support and eDiscovery professionals are always looking for ways to improve their workflow and results and ensure they are taking the most effective approach on a matter. With cost-effective control of the technology and process you can take that to a new level.

Seize Control of your eDiscovery Projects

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Is not being in charge of your eDiscovery projects impacting successful outcomes? Everyone who has used an eDiscovery tool has wondered if there was an easier way to do their most common tasks. It's time to seize control of your eDiscovery projects.

Digital Forensics Saves the Day – Top Cases in Review

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A digital forensics investigation can make an impactful difference in an otherwise “routine” eDiscovery document review. In this webinar we look at top cases where forensics went beyond general eDiscovery practices to shine a light on advanced, hard-to-find, or less obvious case-related information.

Apples to Oranges: How to Avoid Getting Stuck with a “Lemon” with Pricing for Your eDiscovery Solution

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Do you have a pricing model for your eDiscovery solution that fits your needs? Or are you stuck with a “lemon” that can drive up costs significantly over time? In this webinar, we discuss the various pricing models that currently exist in the market, what types of cases benefit from each model, how trends in the industry are driving growth in alternative pricing plans, where those plans fit in the future of electronic discovery and what you need to know to get the right solution at...

DIY Production and Production Request Formats

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Requesting, receiving, and loading productions should be DIY but is often derailed by the requested or received format. We can help by presenting the ins and outs of production specifications that are needed. This presentation also includes easy and practical tips on how to fix productions that don't meet the specifications, and how to re-request the production if necessary. Finally, we discuss ahead-of-time enhancements that can be done to receive productions and normalize data for...

DIY Search and Intro to Analytics

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Ever worried about combining different types of searches? Never fear, this is available to the DIY user and we walk you through how to do them without fear of poor results. We present a practical discussion on search syntax and what operators shouldn't be combined. We also review the available analytic options and discuss where DIY users may need a little help.

The presenter for this event is Dr. Gavin W Manes.

DIY Loading: Native, Structured, and Produced Data the EASY Way

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This 30-minute presentation discusses the ins and outs of how to load data to review platforms by yourself. We cover the risks, limitations and ideal formats of which data will load easily, as well as offer practical tips on how to load native files so that their metadata is not altered. In addition, we engage in a detailed discussion of load file formats and quick fixes that may be necessary for DIY loading.