eDiscovery Bootcamp: How Artificial Intelligence Can Change Your eDiscovery Life

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In a recent UF Law Conference eDiscovery survey, 65% of respondents said they use artificial intelligence (AI) as part of their workflow. We are all exposed to AI every day - most of the time without even knowing it, and this is true in eDiscovery as well.

Join us as Ian Campbell of iCONECT and Dr. Gavin Manes of Avansic discuss how the adoption of specific AI techniques can accelerate your eDiscovery workflow. From common tasks such as textual analytics for detecting near dupes and clusters to the automated identification of sensitive information such as PII and PHI. We’ll demonstrate how AI can be used in both traditional review as a QC against the process, review some innovative ways to use AI to create a minimal review set which dramatically reduces review time and costs, and wrap it up with some unique ways to use AI technology in a classic predictive review workflow.

Ian Campbell - CEO, iCONECT
Gavin W. Manes, Ph.D. - CEO, Avansic