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eDiscovery Assessment Launched to Evaluate Service Options

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eDiscovery Assessment Launched to Help Legal Professionals Evaluate Their eDiscovery Services Options

The free tool helps organizations decide between a self-service subscription or full-service projects.

TULSA, OK, February 1, 2023 - The eDiscovery Assessment is the first and only holistic tool offering law firms and corporate legal departments a way to quickly review and assess their current approach to eDiscovery projects.

“The Assessment is a unique resource that takes the guesswork out of selecting the right eDiscovery implementation for your firm, guiding you to what your firm needs to run eDiscovery projects successfully,” according to Doug Austin of eDiscovery Today.

Seasoned professionals and those new to eDiscovery benefit from a simple and free exercise that explores, analyzes options, and identifies if they are correctly managing projects. Regardless of the current platform or provider, 5 universal factors are used to determine and establish the best path:

  • Matter Size
  • Experience
  • Number of Projects
  • Users
  • Litigation Support Staff

Organizations need the right information to support their choice of how and when to execute activities, and the eDiscovery Assessment provides a platform-agnostic means to evaluate those options.

  • Self-Service eDiscovery delivers the flexibility to complete activities from importing data through review and production.
  • While a full-service approach adds resources and expertise to assist with tasks when time or proficiency dictates.

With ongoing changes driven by client needs, technology, and many other factors, myriad questions arise about how to best handle projects. Take the Assessment today.

About the eDiscovery Assessment

The eDiscovery Assessment was developed based on feedback from hundreds of legal professionals who expressed confusion and frustration with eDiscovery projects. Information was gathered from a broad audience who use eDiscovery solutions ranging from a few cases spread over time to those working on eDiscovery matters daily. The project was spearheaded by Avansic, a leading provider of eDiscovery and digital forensics services to attorneys, litigation support teams, and business communities across the nation.

The eDiscovery Assessment results are based on twenty-plus years of experience with eDiscovery matters and consideration for users with varying levels of expertise. The eDiscovery Assessment helps clarify the best direction for eDiscovery project success.


To learn more about the eDiscovery Assessment:
Jay Stromberg
Sr. Director, Client Services, LTMG