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Avansic Announces eDiscovery Subscription Services

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AvansicNOW eDiscovery Subscription Services Delivers the Ability to Seize Control of eDiscovery Projects

TULSA, OK, USA, March 17, 2022 - Avansic is providing law firms and corporate legal departments with the platform and materials needed to manage and execute eDiscovery tasks at your pace with the release of its AvansicNOW eDiscovery Subscription Services.

AvansicNOW gives eDiscovery teams the flexibility to complete activities when and how they want. Whether working on multiple matters or a single case, users can directly handle tasks from data import to review and production. “Empowering legal staff to accomplish eDiscovery tasks is a significant step to improving workflow and successful case outcomes,” said Gavin W. Manes, CEO at Avansic. “eDiscovery technology has advanced considerably, so users have the ability and choice of when and how to complete activities.”

Users are set up in their own hosted environment to conduct processing, review, and production from anywhere. Rather than having to wait to commence the intensive and frequently time-consuming step of document review, AvansicNOW provides expedited access to start examining and coding documents before processing is complete.

The subscription service undergoes a quarterly review to optimize the program for productivity and cost-effectiveness, eliminating unnecessary charges. When assistance is needed or preferred for situational support or to accelerate task execution, Avansic’s industry experts, including ACEDS certified professionals, are ready and available to provide guidance or serve as extra resources.

Simplified and transparent pricing to facilitate unlimited projects is driven by the number of users rather than the common per GB method. This approach keeps focus on the best options to work with data rather than concerns about how big it may grow. “Truly effective cost and project management in eDiscovery result from effective decisions and proven workflows to optimize the mix of resources,” added Lance Watson, COO at Avansic. “AvansicNOW meets that need.”

Legal professionals are invited to explore and analyze options to help determine the best approach for handling eDiscovery projects.

About Avansic

Avansic is a leading provider of eDiscovery and digital forensics services to attorneys, litigation support teams, and business communities across the nation. We take a scientific approach to providing eDiscovery, digital forensics, data preservation, online review, and expert consulting services. For more information, visit www.avansic.com.

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