Don’t Mishandle or Miss Out on Key Forensic Data

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02-15-2023 | ACEDS Webinar

12:00 PM CT | Register Now

The increase in remote work changed the legal industry and how clients interact with vendors and their data. A significant amount of information has been moved from on-premises locations to private data centers in the cloud.

More data is accessed or stored on personal devices, particularly mobile devices, which raises myriad complexities. In addition, proprietary access to data storage has been opened up further with APIs and formal methods to access data remotely. 

The panel will discuss the acceptance of IT advancements and the impact on collecting, processing, and investigating forensic data. We will discuss remote collection workflows and changes needed to conduct physical collections. We'll also cover new data sources, such as collaboration apps and cloud services, and how they impact collection, processing, and forensic investigations.


Gavin W. Manes, Ph.D. - CEO, Avansic